Duvall Adhesive

Duvall Cork Adhesive for Perfect Bonding.

Duvall Adhesive


Duvall Cork Adhesive Duvall Adhesives

Duvall Adhesives - Cork Adhesive 4 GallonDuvall Cork Adhesive for Perfect Bonding. Duvall Cork Adhesive is a premium, non-flammable, fast tack, latex-based adhesive that provides a strong initial grab.Duvall Cork Adhesive is especially formulated for the installation of Cork Underlayment’s.Duvall Cork Adhesive can be used over plywood, association grade particle board, or underlayment quality, and concrete on, above and below grade level.Duvall Cork Adhesive Installation Instructions:All subsurface must be sound, clean, dry, free of wax, dirt, dust, grease and free of alkali. Spread cork adhesive and let become "tacky" before laying the cork underlayment.Duvall Cork Adhesive Coverage: 200-300 Sq/ft per 4 GALDuvall Cork Adhesive comes in 4GAL buckets (15.14L)

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