In addition to a wide variety of hardwood and laminate flooring options, there are also many other flooring materials and accessories at that make it easy to install a beautiful, durable floor. Cork flooring is one of the materials they offer for use as underlayment for different types of flooring. Available in sheets or tiles, cork underlayment is a natural choice for sound control as well as under floor heating systems. Many buildings are required in a set of bylaws to provide a specific type of sound control before the hard surface is installed. Cork flooring benefits result from the millions of air-filled pockets per cubic inch that compress under pressure and regain their shape once the pressure is removed. This type of “floating cork flooring” works as a shock absorber and sound muffler so that it also works great as acoustic insulation. Read more about the benefits of using cork flooring including the pros and cons of cork flooring. Read More(+)

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