Features true North American White Oak, an international classic. Prized for its unique grain structure, durability, stability, and aesthetic, the wide color range of the Buena Vista collection, make it an ideal candidate for any home and interior design style.


The microbevel edge and smooth flat surface bring a comtemporary feel to this classic floor. This exquisite hardwood material features long length, generous 7" width, and a plain sawn 4mm face. solid wear surface with the finest plywood available.


This gives Buena Vista all of the features of a solid timber floor but with much more stability. These features make Buena Vista a floor that can last a lifetime. The warm array of natural and richly stained colors is protected with UV cured aluminum oxide coatings. The result is a beautifully crafted and styled, smooth yet subtly aged, durable floor that can be cherished in any home for years to come.



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