Features stunning Birch Timber hand crafted and factory finished to create rustic texturing. Bold grain visuals and colors add to this unique species appeal. This product offers a dramatic appeal at exceptional value.


This uniquely styled, wide plank floor features a beautiful, rotary peeled, deeply hand scraped surface that dazzles the eye. The six inch width and pillowed edge of Silverado plank gives it a bold western look that is unique in the marketplace.


The warm and rich stains give Silverado its distinctive color and greatly enhance the rustic, truly heavily hand scraped plank. The continuously varied grains of this hardwood surface combined with the long length of 6 feet, a length that our competitor’s can only envy(most rotary floors are 4 feet long) and UV cured aluminum oxide coatings makes Silverado Plank stand out on the floor and captures the attention of anyone walking on it.


These features make Silverado Plank an exceptional value with maximum design impact.



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