Nova Distinctive Floors is proud to introduce a unique stone product. The initial goal was to produce a stone floor that would highlight the beauty and wear characteristics of the stone and minimize the inherently negative effects; cost, installation, coldness, hardness, and the seams have all been concerns when dealing with stone. These concerns were addressed by developing the stone product into a floating floor. We took a very thin layer of natural slate and adhered it to a layer of high-density cork, which corrects the unevenness of the slate’s backside. The cork also provides all of the natural benefits you have come to expect from cork: sound insulation, warmth, and softness. Our “click” layer is a FSC certified water resistant, high-density fiberboard. This provides very strong connection and incredibly tight seams. Cork is also added to the bottom of the HDF to provide further benefits. These uniquely beautiful patterns and their natural colors will satisfy the most discerning eye, while providing a well-designed quality product.

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