March 19, 2021


Most carpet looks clean especially after a quick vacuum but have you ever stopped to consider what is really lurking deep down in those fibers? Hold on tight because what you are about to discover might change the way you view your carpet forever.

Sand and Dirt. Every mother knows how hard it is to keep the pets and children from tracking in sand or dirt so it probably comes as no surprise to learn the average carpet can weigh up to 10x’s its original weight due to the accumulation of sand and dirt. Vacuuming only removes the surface layer but once sand and dirt makes its way deep into the fibers of the carpet it is trapped.

Dust Mites and Dander. People and pets shed skin that contains dust mites, dander and other organic material. In fact, the average human sheds over a pound of skin each and every year. Multiply that by the number of people in your home and the age of the carpet to estimate how many (literal) pounds of flesh you have residing in your carpet.

Pollen, Spores & More. Dust, pollen, mold and mildew spores and much more all circulate throughout your home and air vents on a regular basis. Even if you keep windows closed these small spores and pollen are carried in on pets and people. Use of a HEPA filter helps reduce air born particles but once they are trapped deep into the fiber of the carpet they can be hard to remove.

Bacteria. Spills and stains often include food, drinks, pet stains like urine or other unsanitary problems that cause the growth of bacteria. Odors are a sure sign of bacteria but even if the area doesn’t show a stain bacteria can still grow.

Toxic Chemicals. From pesticides to the manufacturing process itself, many carpets contain a wide variety of toxic compounds that can irritate eyes, cause allergies and increase Asthma among sensitive individuals. Many carpet cleaning services actually worsen the problem by using toxic cleaning solutions rather than environmentally friendly products. These toxic chemicals linger in the carpet for years and contribute to breathing problems, allergies, headaches and other health issues.

By: Elizabeth Kk